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SIPI builds, grows and supports social enterprises making a meaningful impact in legacy cities.

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SIPI provides social entrepreneurs in legacy cities with a best-in-class team of business professionals to help them build and grow their businesses.


Many organizations really struggle to understand how to make technology work for their business. This is why we started the IT company sipIT, who’s mission is to “make technology work for everyone.”
Our leadership team will help you figure out what you need and how technology can help you reach your goals.

Strategic Planning

When organizations are strapped for resources they begin to panic and cannot take the time to think through the opportunities in front of them. It is understandable. When you are just trying to make it through the day, how can you look to the future?

Every opportunity is unique. This is why we take time to connect subject matters experts in IT, legal, marketing, finance and HR to help determine what an organization needs to be successful.

We specialize in helping you think through and implement solutions. We get things done.


With the rise of social media - the traditional marketing approach of price, product, place, promotion is no longer effective. While there are still elements of that model which need to be included in your strategy, having enough time to determine what are the strategic opportunities for your product or services is something we can do.

Finance and Accounting

When you walk into most business incubator or accelerator program, the first question they will ask is - what is your business plan? Yes, we ask those questions too - but we help you think through the answers.

If you can give us the inputs - we can help you build out the strategy for success.


Human resources is a scary environment for many people. Just having a base understanding all of the rules and with the complexities around health care today is a full time job. Having someone manage this process for you is a huge bonus.

We can help you determine your hiring strategy and process to ensure you are in compliance and working towards becoming an employer of choice.

Our Team

Steve Wolbert

After working in outreach and fundraising capacities in the the non-profit sector, Steve created an opportunity to assist a for profit company to move beyond “checkbook philanthropy” and into a more focused effort on how corporations can impact a community. Steve saw the impact this model of philanthropy can create by facilitating and implementing community partner driven projects at a “for profit pace.”

Andrew Schmitt

Originally from Chicago, Andrew moved to Flint in 2012. Expecting to see a city still reeling from the departure of GM, he was instead greeted with a strong community full of passion and hard working individuals. Realizing the potential of people with a desire for change, he is committed to seeing that take place in Flint as well as other legacy cities across the country through social impact based business opportunities.

Nicole Chavas

Nicole is a passionate believer in the ability of private capital to be a force for making positive social and environmental change in the world, and she is committed to proving that financial returns and social returns need not be mutually exclusive.

James Vander Hulst

In the area of advocacy, James forwards his work by educating key local, state and federal government departments, as well as respective legislatures in an effort to inform and establish best practices. He plays a central role in achieving organizational goals by sharing how employers can use measurable data to impact employment advancement approaches.

Rodney A. Stokes

Rodney Stokes has had a tremendous career in and around state government and he brings a special focus on city placemaking strategies to our team. His hope is to transform and provide opportunities for urban children and their familes to realize the same opportunities he has had.

Jason Ball

Jason is an integrator. His expertise lies in working with visionaries and people passionate about their cause to develop plans, strategies, and the associated documentation that helps ideas come to life.

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